DocuSign Data Breach Led to Targeted Email Malware Campaign

By Sushma Chowta

While everyone seems to be busy in WannaCry ransomware, there were two other breaches which took place, one in Docusign which is a major provider of electronic signature technology and another one was Bell Canada which is Canada’s largest telecommunications company. Continue reading DocuSign Data Breach Led to Targeted Email Malware Campaign

Data Breach Leads to Malicious Spam

By Sandy Bobhate

Cyber-attack is becoming the biggest threat in today’s world. Cyber-attackers can target any individuals, organizations or groups and they can steal or destroy personal/company data. Recently, a San Francisco-based electronic signature vendor became a victim of a cyber-attack. Just as the world was trying to cope with the Ransomware attack that shook every IT/NON-IT organization throughout the globe, DocuSign encountered another form of data breach attack. Such attacks are just an example of how critical users’ awareness is and should be a top priority for every organization. Users should be attentive and watchful of any suspicious email or activity from a forged source and refrain from any activity that could trigger the attack (clicking on the email, downloading an attachment, opening a link, etc.) Continue reading Data Breach Leads to Malicious Spam

How to block unwanted email accounts from Office 365

By Niki Eyyani

You may be wondering why anyone would need to block an email account in Office 365. The answer is simple, it’s to keep your organization protected from malicious email accounts. As we all know phishing attacks are one of the biggest security challenges both individuals and companies face in keeping their information secure. Hackers attack via email to gain access to passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive data. So, not only should we be more vigilant, when we receive fraud emails, by confirming the authenticity of the emails before sharing any information, but you can also protect your organization by blocking malicious email accounts from your Office 365 and prevent these phishing emails from even reaching your organization’s inboxes. Continue reading How to block unwanted email accounts from Office 365