Protect yourself and your company from Vishing Attacks

You would think, being vigilant of cyber criminals that are trying to exploit us via phishing emails were enough, now we have to protect ourselves from Vishing attacks. Vishing, is just a new take on the old scam of phishing.

In one version of vishing, you will receive the typical phishing email, but instead of giving you instructions to click on a link or directing you to a fake/malicious Internet site, you’re given a “Customer Service” phone number with instructions to call the number and provide the requested information over the phone. Those who call the phone number, which is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) account and not an actual, legitimate business or financial institution, are led through a series of voice-prompted menus that ask for your personal data, such as your account number, password, and other critical confidential information. Continue reading Protect yourself and your company from Vishing Attacks