It’s time to test your employees’ phishing awareness.

On a given day, you tend to get anywhere from less than 10 emails to about a few hundred. Out of these emails, there’s a good chance you will get at least one or two phishing emails, which somehow bypassed your spam filter and other security rules that you have in place. If your spam filter is not currently active, turn it ON as soon as possible.

Phishing emails will inevitably hit your inbox. The important thing is that you know what to do about it and how to respond to it. This is where you need to make sure your organization is adequately trained to follow security guidance and report incidents right away.

PhishPro is a great tool that can help you improve your organization’s phishing awareness. With PhishPro, you can report suspicious emails with one easy click of the Tracker button which is installed on your Microsoft Outlook ribbon, run simulated phishing campaigns throughout your organization to gain insight into where vulnerabilities exist in your environment, and set the necessary training requirements.


PhishPro Campaign

Using the PhishPro Campaign, you can test your organization, within a safe environment, to see how well they can detect phishing emails. As the PhishPro Admin of your organization you can

  • Select from several built-in email templates or create your own
  • Schedule as many campaigns as you deem necessary for your organization at any frequency
  • Include all users in a campaign or select a specific group of users or an individual for the campaign

You can create a pseudo email template that looks like a special offer from a legitimate business, such as a discount coupon from a well-known store, lottery promotions, or free credit card offers.  Here’s an example of a phishing email template.

Like the email templates, PhishPro Admins can create response screens. A response screen is the “fake” web page where users are taken to when they click on a link provided on the phishing email template they received as part of the Campaign. PhishPro provides you with multiple editing tools to help create intriguing emails and response screens that look 100% real.

PhishPro also provides free global email templates and response screens for instant use.

Responses to the Campaign emails are stored in a database (including any information the user may have provided) and reflected on the PhishPro Admin dashboard portal for further review and analysis. PhishPro not only captures the extreme step taken by the user, like entering their personal information in the response screen (web page), but it also captures the minute responses such as, opening the email, clicking on the link, etc.

Also, users who take any action on the Campaign emails will be notified of the security awareness training they will need to complete.

With PhishPro Campaign, we make it easy to measure and demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and progress and tie these results to targeted training content.

Keep your users on their toes by disseminating basic and advanced simulated phishing attacks to help them improve their ability to identify real-world scams before it’s too late.