Atlanta Airport Wi-Fi finally operating after Cyberattack

According to abcnews, on March 22, 2018 the city of Atlanta computer network was hit by a Ransomware attack. The attack included the encryption of some city data and caused outages for numerous city applications. In order to prevent from Ransomware attack, on March 23, 2018 Atlanta airport shut down its Wi-Fi network and the systems that provide flight information and security checkpoint wait times on its website.

Atlanta Airport added a tweet on twitter as ‘We are experiencing internet difficulties. ATLs WiFi, along with security wait and flight info are impacted.  Please check with your airline’.

All passengers were checking directly with their airlines for flight information as a result of the airport disabling Wi-Fi and parts of its website.

Finally, after a little over a week, Atlanta Airport turned Wi-Fi on again and travelers could use free Wi-Fi to go online.

Atlanta Airport added a tweet that ‘The free WiFi system at #ATL is up and running.  To all – thank you for your patience.’

The attack didn’t affect security at the airport, but the Wi-Fi and flight information systems were taken down as a precaution.