Data Breach Leads to Malicious Spam

By Sandy Bobhate

Cyber-attack is becoming the biggest threat in today’s world. Cyber-attackers can target any individuals, organizations or groups and they can steal or destroy personal/company data. Recently, a San Francisco-based electronic signature vendor became a victim of a cyber-attack. Just as the world was trying to cope with the Ransomware attack that shook every IT/NON-IT organization throughout the globe, DocuSign encountered another form of data breach attack. Such attacks are just an example of how critical users’ awareness is and should be a top priority for every organization. Users should be attentive and watchful of any suspicious email or activity from a forged source and refrain from any activity that could trigger the attack (clicking on the email, downloading an attachment, opening a link, etc.) Continue reading Data Breach Leads to Malicious Spam